About Us

Here To Make Your Landscaping Dreams Come True

With 43 years of experience, we can provide you with the quality and craftsmanship you deserve. Custom wood pavilions or gazebos can be crafted with our North River Contracting Design Team and built with high craftsmanship standards. Some of the materials can be manufactured from our own logs and milled at our sawmill! Other features include fountains and ponds with rock and concrete options to bring your area to life.

We can also build you an indoor area or greenhouse that brings the outdoors in, during the winter months, so you can enjoy that year round outdoor feeling. Other functional features you might consider include fire pits, which can lend warmth on a cool day, and lush vegetation and trees, which can contribute both character and shade to space. If you live in an especially warm region, installing a cooling mist system can extend the usability of your area well into summer.

Key Services Offered :

  • Hardscaping including new patios, retaining walls, rockeries, decking, driveways & fencing.
  • Custom wood creations including pavilions, arbors and decks with wood cut from our own sawmill
  • Water features including ponds optionally with beautiful Koi fish, trickling wall waterfalls and many other decorative designs
  • Greenery and flower installation to add a pop of color to your new design